Frank T. Allen: Writer/Co-Creator 

Frank was born in the 80s and hasn't learned how to let go of that. He spends most of his time watching the first two Terminator films, (the others don't count), Robocop, Aliens, Die Hard... the list goes on. The rest of the time, he writes and drinks cheap whiskey, all the while lamenting the fact that his dream of ridding the city of crime Streets of Rage-style as a kung-fu cyborg, with Ronda Rousey will never come true. Frank lives in Liverpool, with a long-suffering woman who loves him, a selfish cat who hates him and a hedgehog who doesn't really give a shit either way, as long as he gets fed and left alone.

Twitter: @franktallen    
Facebook: Frank T. Allen        

Marco Fontanili: Artist/Co-Creator

Marco is a graduate of The International School of Comics, in Reggio Emilia, Italy, (which is also his home town). Marco's favourite artists/influences include:Rafael Gramp√†, Francesco Francavilla, Goran Parlov, Tony Moore and Rafael Albuquerque. His favourite comic is, 'Blatta' by Alberto Ponticelli and his favourite movie is, 'The Matrix'. Since he started work on Bastard Son, Marco spends most evenings talking to Frank about horror films and inventive ways of      disemboweling people, when he should be out having a life.

Twitter: @MarcoFontanili
Instagram: marcofontanili

Taylor Esposito: Letterer

Taylor is a hugely talented veteran of the comic lettering world. He is also head boss-man of Ghost Glyph Studios, Frank's go-to company if he wants anything lettered. Recent work includes such A-list titles as: Red Hood and The Outlaws, Constantine, Bodies, The New 52: Future's End, New Suicide Squad and that's just a small amount of work that he's done for DC/Vertigo! Previous to this, Taylor has worked on numerous titles for  Marvel as production artist. Taylor lives in New Jersey, which is far enough away from Liverpool to prevent him from strangling Frank whenever he emails him an unintelligible script to be deciphered. 

Twitter: @TaylorEspo @GhostGlyph 

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